Friends Let Friends Push (Oh, and Gingerbread Support, too)

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You can now share your devices with friends on Pushbullet, enabling them to push cute cat pictures right into your notifications (among other, more useful, things).

Until now, you’ve only been able to push to your own devices. It’s been useful, but this makes it so much better.

Why is this so cool?

  • Meeting a friend at a new restaurant? Push them the address so they don’t get lost.

  • Want your significant other to grab some groceries on their way home? Push the list right to their phone and they won’t forget anything.

  • Want your friend to test your new Android app? Push them the APK file and they can install or update it with one click.

  • Have a friend get some bad news? Push a cheerful image right into their notification shade to brighten their day a bit.

  • For old times’ sake, Rickroll your friends in a new and exciting way.

  • And the list goes on!

Ok, how do I share my device?

To share a device with someone, click the share button on your dashboard for the device you want to let them push to. Enter the person’s email address in the prompt and if they have a Pushbullet account, you’re good to go. If not, you’ll need to get them to sign up first.

Now that you’ve shared a device with them, they can push anything they’ve been able to push to their own devices (lists, notes, files, links, etc), to yours. (Since this has the potential for abuse, if you ever want to turn someone off, just go to the Manage Shares page and click Unshare. That will instantly turn them off.)

What about Gingerbread support?

There’s a pretty big gulf between Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread when you’re building an Android app. Just targetting Ice Cream Sandwich and higher made it easier for me to get Pushbullet out, but there are tons of Gingerbread users out there that haven’t been able to use Pushbullet because I cut that corner. I’ve fixed that now–the most recent version in the Play Store adds full support for GingerBread and Honeycomb devices!

This is really cool, but I really want to be able to…

If you’ve got some feedback or a suggestion, I’d love to hear it! Join the discussion on reddit.

I’ve gotten tons of great feedback on Pushbullet so far and have acted on a lot of it already. I find it exciting that with every feature I add, I get new feedback that helps me take Pushbullet another step forward.

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