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It’s been a bit since Pushbullet got it’s last big update, why is that?

A couple of months ago, two friends and I decided to start a new project together. I’ve been building Pushbullet alone so the prospect of working with friends on something sounded like a nice change of pace. We had talked about working on something together for a while and finally pulled the trigger early this spring.

We ended up deciding to build what we think is a better and more dynamic movie app, which we’ve named Filmgrain. I liked the idea of building a movie app because I knew I’d use it all the time and because all of the current movie apps are a bit dull and don’t do what I think is most important very well.

I think a great movie app should instantly focus me on the movies that matter right now, and then let me see what people are saying about those movies. This is of course exactly what Filmgrain does in a way no other movie app comes close to.

So what does Filmgrain do?

Filmgrain uses the realtime stream of public tweets from Twitter to determine which movies in theaters and upcoming movies people are talking about most right now, and uses this to put the most popular movies at the top of the lists. When you select a movie, you tap into and can watch the stream of tweets that are about that movie. New tweets are streamed in as you watch, which really is pretty cool and can be a bit mesmerizing. And of course you can get local showtimes, watch trailers, see the Rotten Tomatoes scores, etc. If you want, you can read more about Filmgrain here.

Ok, so what about Pushbullet?

I know some of you might be disappointed that I haven’t been working on Pushbullet as much as I could have this past couple of months. To make up for it, I’ve just released a great update that I’m sure many of you have been looking forward to :)

Pushbullet is now integrated with the Android share intent, enabling you to push links from your browser to any of your devices and much more.

Any app that uses the standard Android share intent can now share to Pushbullet. The Pushbullet app will then let you push the link, message, or whatever to any of your devices, including those that have been shared with you. Right now the only limitation on this is that it only works for text-based shares. (You can actually push a note or link to another of your devices at any time from the Pushbullet app now, too!)

This intent system integration and the ability to push from a device, which hasn’t been possible before, are huge steps forward for Pushbullet. They’ve laid down the groundwork for other features people have been asking for, including the ability to edit things you’ve already pushed, as well as push things back up to the website and/or your browser.

That’s not all—you can now copy your notes and links right from the notification.

This makes it easy to get a link you want to send to a friend into Whatsapp (or any other messenger out there), as well as save you the inconvenience of having to open the note you pushed to copy it’s text. Seems minor? I don’t think it is. Pushbullet is all about convenience and maximizing the usefulness of your notification tray.

I’m excited to have this update out and to hear what you think of Filmgrain.

You can always reach me at hey@pushbullet.com or on the Pushbullet subreddit.

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