Chrome Extension Released

By Ryan Oldenburg on

You should probably install it right now :)

“All it needs is a Chrome extension to be perfect” - a lot of people.

By far the most requested improvement for Pushbullet was a Chrome extension. I think the reason is pretty clear: Pushbullet is a tool for convenience but without an extension it’s kind of inconvenient to use. I hadn’t actually realized how important a browser extension would be until I launched Pushbullet last week and got tons of feedback from people saying that they were really excited about Pushbullet but that it’s just missing one big thing for them–a browser extension.

After feeling a little dumb that I hadn’t thought about building one before launching, I got started on the Chrome extension and am happy to announce that it’s now available on the Chrome Web Store. Yes!

What can I do with the extension?

The Pushbullet Chrome extension lets you push a link to any webpage you’re looking at, as well as quick notes or lists, right to your Android devices without having to interrupt what you’re doing and go to the Pushbullet website. There’s also a quick link for pushing files, too.

If you push a Google Maps link, you can open it in the native Google Maps app on Android. This is also true for YouTube links and the YouTube app, as well as any site who’s native Android app can read the site’s urls. This is something that’s only possible on Android and makes all the difference for convenience.

Speaking of Android, how’s the app doing?

Well, if the app’s reviews are any indication, people seem really happy with Pushbullet so far which makes me really happy. As far as improvements, I made it possible to push links earlier in the week and have made it possible to click on links in and copy the text of your notes in the update I put out this morning.

Any Firefox love?

I haven’t started on a Firefox extension but I’ll be looking into it now that I’ve released the Chrome extension. If you’re wondering why Chrome was first, it’s basically because Chrome accounts for about 70% of the traffic on the Pushbullet website so numbers are simply on it’s side.

What’re you going to do next?

Good question, I’m not sure yet. Some of the things on my list, in to particular order, are: a Firefox extension, being able to let other people push to your devices, making it possible to edit things you’ve pushed on your phone / create new pushes, being able to highlight text in your browser and copy it to your phone’s clipboard for pasting… Those are some of big ones at least. Have ideas? Join the discussion on reddit.

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