Firefox Extension Is Ready!

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Been waiting? You can get it right here :)

The Chrome extension has turned out to be critical to the way a lot of people use Pushbullet and now Firefox users can do the same things.

I’ve been hearing from Firefox users since I launched Pushbullet that they want an extension. It’s taken me a bit to get the job done, but the Firefox extension is now available and has all of the functionality found in the Chrome extension.

What makes the extensions so useful?

The Firefox and Chrome extensions make using Pushbullet much easier. Instead of having to go to the Pushbullet website in order to push things, you can just click on the extension and push them without having to stop what you were doing.

That’s just the beginning though, what’s really cool is the integration with the right-click menu:

  • Looking at a webpage you want to push to your phone? Just right-click and select the Pushbullet option for the device you want to send it to.

  • See a link you want to push to your phone? You can push it with the same right-click menu without having to open it first.

  • Want to send some of the text from the page to your phone? Just highlight it and right-click on it—it’s that easy.

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