Reply To Text Messages Right From Your Computer

By Ryan Oldenburg on

Seeing incoming text messages on your computer because of Pushbullet’s notification mirroring feature is awesome. With yesterday’s update, we’ve made this even better because you can now reply from PC too!

You can now quickly reply to a text from your computer by just clicking on the notification on your PC. This’ll open a little window for your reply—it’s that easy.

Check this out in action here:

To make this possible, we partnered with EvolveSMS and Sliding Messaging. By working with messaging apps, we are able to ensure a truly seamless experience.

Working with messaging apps has enabled us to ensure Pushbullet can even handle multiple conversations with different people all happening at the same time. It works amazingly well.

Does it work with any messaging app or do I have to use a specific app for texting?

Because we need to work with the messaging app to make this possible, right now you’ll need to use either EvolveSMS or Sliding Messaging for this to work. This won’t be the case forever though!

We know having only a couple of options isn’t great. This is why we’ve made it so any messaging app can add this.

Integrating with Pushbullet to power replies from PC is easy using our new Messaging Extension SDK (which we modeled after the very successful DashClock and Muzei extensions).

If you’ve got a favorite texting app that isn’t one of those that support this yet, you should tell them to check this out. We’re excited to be working with all the awesome messaging apps for Android instead of forcing a one-size-fits-all solution.

This extension even works with messaging apps that aren’t SMS based, like WhatsApp (how cool would that be!).

Have some thoughts, requests, or just want to talk? Here’s how to get in touch:

We’re also always checking in on the Pushbullet subreddit. This is a great place for questions and feature requests or conversation since other Pushbullet fans can see join and help or add their support.

Prefer to get in touch with us directly? No problem at all. You can always reach us at [email protected].

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