A Better Windows App

By Ryan Oldenburg on

We’ve updated our beta Windows app with a better user interface and nicer, smaller notifications. Check out the new look!

And of course right-clicking on files or drag-and-droping a file onto the app works great for easily getting files onto your phone or over another computer.

Sleeker, smaller notifications that look and work better.

No more losing a huge chunk of your desktop when a notification comes in. Now, they’re smaller without giving up information. This is our favorite improvement in this update!

Do I need the Windows app if I already have the Pushbullet browser extension?

No, you don’t need our Windows app. It does work great alongside our browser extensions though, enabling a couple of nice options:

  • Push directly to a specific computer.

  • Keep your notifications on-screen until you dismiss them.

  • See notifications even when your browser is closed.

  • Right-click menu option on files for easy pushing.

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