A Universal Messenger

By Yarian Gomez on

Pushbullet was built to connect. It was built because even though technology is meant to make our lives easier, the basic act of sending things can sometimes be hard. We have phones, tablets, and computers. We have Apples and Androids. Connecting all of these devices and platforms is the reason we exist.

When we started, this meant building the easiest way to send files and links between your Android phone and Chrome browser—we’ve come a long way since then. You can now share things with iOS devices, tablets, desktop computers, and many more browsers. You can share things with friends or coworkers. You can see and act on your phone’s notifications from your computer. And, you can get fast and lightweight notifications about pretty much anything through channels.

We’ve learned a lot from every improvement and our users have been an especially great source of feedback. We took these lessons and feedback, along with a few cues from messaging apps, to build our most ambitious improvement to Pushbullet yet. We wanted it to be as easy to share with people as it is to share with devices. We wanted it to be easier to find people, and easy to communicate with them, even if they don’t use Pushbullet.

Already have a messenger you like? No problem. Many of you use Pushbullet in wonderfully creative ways, and we worked hard to make sure this release had something for everyone.


Pushbullet is everywhere you are. We aim to always be a few clicks away, and to use the unique advantages of whatever device you are using. On Chrome, you can easily right click on any page and share a link. On Windows, you can right-click your files to quickly send them. On iOS and Android, we have share extensions.

Pushbullet intelligently notifies you about new messages on whatever device you are actively using. We also make sure that notifications you dismiss on one device go away on all the others, because being everywhere should not mean annoying you everywhere.


This update introduces the ability to chat with people. Any frustration you felt receiving a photo from a friend in Pushbullet and not being able to reply is a thing of the past.

We finally made connecting with friends and coworkers much easier. We now provide you with friend suggestions and the ability to search through your contacts.

You probably don’t like spammy invites and neither do we. We clearly indicate whether a contact uses Pushbullet already or not. If they don’t, instead of sending them an invite, we send them your message. When they respond, you’ll get a push. We also give you the ability to block unwanted messages, and temporarily mute notifications from others.


We took the experience of sending files and links and removed unnecessary steps and limitations. Better support for sending multiple files at once, a simpler way of attaching links, and a more focused form all help make the sharing experience simpler and more powerful.

As we made many of these changes, we found ourselves using Pushbullet more and more. We quickly realized that finding files or links people sent us was very important. We reorganized the app so that you can find things faster and things are where you expect.

Day One

Our work does not stop with this release. It begins. We are building a platform in which you can send messages to anyone and anything–a platform that is always with you, that respects your privacy, and gives you choice.

If you’ve been with us since the start, we thank you for your support. If you’re just learning about Pushbullet, we hope to welcome you on-board.

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