Introducing Portal For iOS

By Ryan Oldenburg on

We released Portal for Android earlier this summer. We’re happy to now have it available for iOS as well!

Portal makes getting files from your computer onto your phone as simple as possible, even if those files are very large or you have lots of files you want to transfer.

See it in action here: (The video shows an Android device but it works the same on iOS)

Portal works by sending the files over your WiFi network. This means we can transfer files extremely quickly, and that they don’t count against your data plan.

We tested it with massive files over 1GB and hundreds of smaller files to make sure it works well all the time.

Portal also works great at getting files from someone else. Just have them open, scan the code, drop some files or folders, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Why you should use Portal

Ever transferred a file with AirDrop and tried to open it later? Yep, we’ve all been there. You can’t. It’s why everyone just emails files to themself. Here’s why Portal is better:

  • No file size limits
  • Transfer as many files as you want
  • Transfer entire folders at once
  • No inbox clutter
  • Files are organized in the same way as you transferred them (including entire folders)
  • Files are browseable just like on a computer
  • Pictures are put into your Gallery automatically

And that’s just what makes Portal great at the transfer. Portal goes much further than that, because just getting a file into your phone isn’t enough. You need to be able to open or share the file, or there wouldn’t be any point.

After transferring files with Portal, Portal makes it easy to open or share those files with your other apps.

This is what makes Portal so helpful. Use your files in other apps via:

  • Share extensions
  • “Open in…”
  • Access them from apps with file pickers like Pages

What’s coming next for Portal

Now that we’ve made Portal the easiest way to get files onto your smartphone, we want to make getting files from your smartphone onto your computer just as easy. Stay tuned for updates.

Doesn’t Pushbullet already let me transfer files?

Yep, but Portal and Pushbullet have a different set of strengths and we think you’ll appreciate having the choice.

Portal enables you to transfer many files or very large files in a snap, but requires that your phone and computer are on the same WiFi network. Pushbullet doesn’t need your devices to be on the same network, but this means it doesn’t handle very large files or many files as well as Portal can. Both are great for quick small file transfers though!

Portal for iPhone is brand new so we’re excited to hear your feedback.

We’ll be watching the comments below so let us know what you think! You can also reach us any time on the Pushbullet subreddit.