Our Chrome Extension Is Safe

By Ryan Oldenburg on

This is a follow-up to Wednesday’s Let’s Guess What Google Requires In 14 Days Or They Kill Our Extension.

Let’s get the good news out there right away. Our extension has been approved!

For those worried about losing Pushbullet’s functionality (and for us worried about losing our extension), things are back to normal now. This is great news and we are happy to hear it.

We hope the attention our previous post received results in better feedback for other extension developers that may be struggling with similar vague feedback from Google.

We didn’t expect anywhere near the level of attention our previous post received. All of that attention resulted in our issue being resolved. This is good for us. It is not yet clear if the attention will help other developers that are struggling with similar vague rejections. We hope it does help though.

A great outcome would be if the current Chrome extension review and feedback process was revisited as a result of the criticism the current process has received. This would mean the outpouring of support we received benefits all extension developers.

We believe @DotProto and others at Google when they express their desire to improve the feedback extension developers are provided. I hope the overwhelming community support that has been shown will give them the influence they need to push for steps in a better direction.

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