Sync Your Android Notifications With Your Computer

By Ryan Oldenburg on

Pushbullet’s Notification Mirroring now fully syncs your Android notification drawer with Chrome’s Notification Center on your computer.

You’ve never seen this before and it’s incredibly cool.

Check it out in action here:

This is the future of notifications and we’re building it today.

Thinking about how much time I spend in front of my laptop, it seems crazy to me that before we launched Notification Mirroring I wasn’t able to see my phone’s notifications on my computer. Having to grab my phone to check why it buzzed was so annoying.

After getting used to seeing my phone’s notifications on my computer, however, I realized just seeing them wasn’t enough—I really wanted to be able to manage my notifications too.

Our first step towards making this possible was making it easy to dismiss notifications on your phone from your computer. We’ve now taken it to a whole new level by keeping Chrome’s new Notification Center fully in-sync with your phone’s notification drawer.

So what is Chrome’s Notification Center?

Chrome’s Notification Center is the desktop equivalent to the notification drawer on your Android device:

You can access the Notification Center on your computer at any time by clicking on the Bell icon found in your computer’s task bar (which is located to the left of the date and time).

Chrome’s Notification Center Bell icon looks like this:

Awesome! What’s coming next? (Our iOS app!)

While our last couple of updates have been improvements to Notification Mirroring, we’ve also been working on another big project at the same time—an iOS app.

After adding the ability to push to other people, we started getting a lot of requests to support iOS. Considering how important cross-platform support is, we started building it right away.

Our iOS app is now nearly ready for beta testing. If you’re interested in getting updates or beta testing when we’re ready, you can subscribe here.

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